FNAF THE NEW KID - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW || Fazbear Frights Story 9

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Lewis Dawkins
Units 3-4
Leamore lane industry estate

Dankus پیش 21 ساعت
If this happened to my friend I knew he would become a spirit I would just come back everyday and comfort him
DragonsGotYourBack 2005
DragonsGotYourBack 2005 پیش روز
This needs to be a whole movie or a show
QuaBotPrime پیش 2 روز
the springlock failure gave me chills
{Maodira Shefu}
{Maodira Shefu} پیش 2 روز
Oh Dawko, he ain’t a weirdo...he’s... A *simp*
{Maodira Shefu}
{Maodira Shefu} پیش 2 روز
@TSPI oh you see, they’re so weird but..,too weird that they have their own group UnU
TSPI پیش 2 روز
So... simps aren’t weirdo’s ?
ilija grkajac
ilija grkajac پیش 2 روز
Dawko what if theat was location where William did the work and the body is Cassidy?
Sebastian McFarland
Sebastian McFarland پیش 3 روز
The Fazbear Frights books are gonna become like the Bible. We're gonna mention them like 4:2 instead of book 4 story 2 lol
Sebastian McFarland
Sebastian McFarland پیش 3 روز
I think that the factory in the Stitch Wraith story is the factory from Room for One More.
Ian Ramke
Ian Ramke پیش 3 روز
The fire site is either the fnaf 3 location or the pizzeria simulation location
Big D
Big D پیش 3 روز
i mean (books)
Big D
Big D پیش 3 روز
they should really make a tv show just about the fazbear frights show
Au Bubbles
Au Bubbles پیش 4 روز
Dawko even though I’m late don’t you think that person with the curly black hair in the suit could be Cassidy one of the missing children because that’s what I think
Julia Aleatoriedades
Julia Aleatoriedades پیش 4 روز
In my opinion, Kelsey was just an illusion created by Andrew. He was kind of a hallucination or a physical representation of the vengeful boy, just like the UCN face is a physical representation of Cassidy.
Reaper پیش 5 روز
Kelsey is Golden Freddy, simple
Louistubegaming پیش 3 روز
Andrew you mean
Bartek Szubert
Bartek Szubert پیش 5 روز
as cool rj
as cool rj پیش 6 روز
Maybe the animatronics took his skin and put it on a endosceleton and was made to lure other kids...Think about it...🤔
Lyfe Music
Lyfe Music پیش 6 روز
2% scared from the story 98% scared from the scary music
Bartek Szubert
Bartek Szubert پیش 5 روز
I'm scared by both a lot
Una Reina Peruana
Una Reina Peruana پیش 6 روز
Me trying to teleport with agony
Glitchtrap and fnaf plush
Glitchtrap and fnaf plush پیش 7 روز
its casaty s body
FluffyPikachu پیش 10 روز
(34:28) This is the moment that he knew... He fucked up-
alexandra diaz
alexandra diaz پیش 10 روز
I think the black hare is the bite victim
inf blox
inf blox پیش 11 روز
Dis spooky Edit:and he t posed to death :/
Ethan Bryant
Ethan Bryant پیش 11 روز
Prediction before finishing the video: Heather is a robot Edit: nope Btw I think that the corpse in the body was an old night guard who worked there and got killed by golden Freddy
GoldenBrownieGacha پیش 11 روز
Kelsey got william aftonned
Jassir Harris
Jassir Harris پیش 11 روز
So we have 2 cassidy's or do we have 2 golden freddies?
Dionne Williams
Dionne Williams پیش 12 روز
my nameis Devon...IM NOT A WERDO don't make me unsub.
Toys & Everything
Toys & Everything پیش 13 روز
Guys did you realize that the curly black hair girl isn’t Cassidy? Cassidy has straight black hair the body has CURLY black hair.
Shainylo. T
Shainylo. T پیش 15 روز
I don’t think Kelsey is a “zombie” because Golden Freddy doesn’t just injures the body. Like- he destroys it so everyone would be supposed to see it?
fnaf fan
fnaf fan پیش 15 روز
Ferb: at Phinus' funeral.
fnaf fan
fnaf fan پیش 15 روز
Whare is my emotion giger counter?
LindoLandlubbers پیش 16 روز
imagine being so chad that you give lore about your character while explaining lore about the game your character is based off of
Yanis Gaming champion
Yanis Gaming champion پیش 17 روز
What’s going on guys don’t come back again
Akira Strings
Akira Strings پیش 18 روز
Maybe it’s kind of like one of those loophole things it just keeps repeating it self and maybe Kelsey dies there too very weird or maybe it’s another dimension or a Kelsey is a entity or something something that’s not human I think
Akira Strings
Akira Strings پیش 18 روز
Sorry for my bad grammar
Penguin Gaming
Penguin Gaming پیش 19 روز
15:04 Devon has aimbot
Bartek Szubert
Bartek Szubert پیش 5 روز
Slayy _Expert
Slayy _Expert پیش 19 روز
Imagine this as an anime or just a simple cartoon seasonal show on Netflix
matt zoriel
matt zoriel پیش 21 روز
Moral of the story: dont be stupid
Gal Cadet
Gal Cadet پیش 22 روز
FA..... P..... "Therefore it must be a freddy fazbear location" I think it might mean something else as well........
Kaelan Staschen
Kaelan Staschen پیش 22 روز
to be honest i think scott gets drnk and takes those conentration pills when he creates lore because its so understandble when found but impossible too find and understand
oof_guf پیش 23 روز
i love how dawko : "SSS"
•Stråw Beåry•
•Stråw Beåry• پیش 24 روز
i have a feeling that the black haired girl is cassidy and ik we don't get told if its a girl but when I read the bit about the black haired person I was just instantly thinking: that's cassidy
William Smith
William Smith پیش 25 روز
mc donalds rules
Brahimi Lotfi
Brahimi Lotfi پیش 25 روز
i think this idea could reference fnaf 2 with the idea of the animatronics until night 6 being acting weired , and this could be the fact that Golden Freddy show up , and the children react to the killer's suit , and that's why in fnaf 3 the happiest day , the other went to celebreate the 5th child birthday and apologie the fact that the other 4 children thought that he was the murder due to the 5th child was Golden Freddy
TWO5 پیش 26 روز
Dawko:"The arm was heavy" Me:knees were heavy moms spagueti
MinionGaming9876 پیش 27 روز
I think Devon is more of a Simp than a weirdo
terrence rennick
terrence rennick پیش 28 روز
The body in golden freddy is cassidy she is the spirit of golden freddy
v/ پیش 28 روز
my theory is like its a dayshift at freddys kinda thing where he is in the springlock suit and he gets revived, and he puts a bunch on himself to cover the bruises and scars, but if kelsey was inside of the springlock suit he could have been possessed by something
Noah. پیش 28 روز
I think I got the lore, we know that Cassidy has black curly hair too, and we know that cassidy's soul has possesed golden freddy. So maybe it was Cassidy in the suit he saw?
Dino Gamer TV
Dino Gamer TV پیش ماه
Dawko is incredible
T rex gamer and friends
T rex gamer and friends پیش ماه
Hello hello welcome back to Freddy fazbear pizzas is your first time summer job being employed at an animatronic pizzaria is a pretty poor job anyways I just wanted to get you known that the animatronics are able to move around and he will kill you thank you goodbye
regular gamer mobile
regular gamer mobile پیش ماه
dawko: devin is.... me: ...a simp?
Cyprian Wyżycki
Cyprian Wyżycki پیش ماه
The corps in the suit is Cassidy from fnaf games
Chimerat پیش ماه
Just FYI: This vid is on the playlist twice.
Chimerat پیش ماه
As this series progresses, it seems it's taking more and more after the plot holes in the games. Unfortunately, I'd hoped the co-author would have helped with that.
marrio504 پیش ماه
Yes the fredbear version of springtrap But he is not in the suit
kayla needs help
kayla needs help پیش ماه
Kelsey: "is that a chicken?!?"
Chilli Ice Cream
Chilli Ice Cream پیش ماه
So what is the difference between Agony and Remnant then?
-•Cloudy Dreams•-
-•Cloudy Dreams•- پیش ماه
i think devon found cassidy's dead body
Redstar Cat
Redstar Cat پیش ماه
Dawko: Devan is a weirdo Me: We have very different definitions of the word 'weirdo' 😌
Aidan Matias
Aidan Matias پیش ماه
I wouldn’t say he’s a weirdo because I think he just doesn’t understand feelings because al he ever has was another that’s it
Jeffyrat2020 FLAMINGO
Jeffyrat2020 FLAMINGO پیش ماه
Shadow bonnie is the soul on a worker that saw afton bring c child in the backroom. he told on afton. Then afton convinced him to come with him in the backroom. Afton beats up the worker and shoves him in a springbonnie suit the prototype one.
Thomas Farrelly04
Thomas Farrelly04 پیش ماه
Do you guys think that scott cawthon will ever make a book and there's a story on vanny cause I'd love to know more about this character or luis cabrera since hes helping vanny cause of love or Thomas Joseph the security from fnaf 3 since we don't know whatever happened after he left fazbears frights
shamrock freddy
shamrock freddy پیش ماه
I didn't understand anything about this story if we can go inside it's timeline we can see what happened
Adam Xei
Adam Xei پیش ماه
So it was William Afton that patented remnant, soul power that can make someone immortal. And Dr Phineas patented agony, human emotions powerful enough to give objects murderous intent.
Adam Xei
Adam Xei پیش ماه
Synthetic person maybe? I wouldn't put it passed Afton to make replacement people.
Adam Xei
Adam Xei پیش ماه
Devin sounds like he belongs in an industry like fazbear entertainment. A real disciple of William Afton.
Tanya Mansukhani
Tanya Mansukhani پیش ماه
Theory: What if Kelsey was once a young employee of freddy’s pizzeria and he has to wear the mascot suit(golden Freddy suit), but dies due to a spring lock failure. So now Kelsey’s ghost fused with remnant, searches for other people to lure back to the abandoned pizzeria many years later so they can meet the same fate! As for him wearing and dying in the suit in front of Devan and Mickey, it’s just him re enacting and reliving his death(sort of like an ghostly illusion) As for the reason why Kelsey doesn’t suggest to go to the pizzeria himself, is because as u said @Dawko , the pizzeria itself is sort of sentient and it can lure people to itself, due to the collection of agony and remnant at that place. Hope y’all enjoy this theory guys!✨🙌🏻
Aaron Evans
Aaron Evans پیش ماه
if agony is the most powerful emotion, then what is supercalafragalisticexpialidoucus
Zanvulf R
Zanvulf R پیش ماه
Maybe the end was the start just from kelsies perspective
FNaF.PlooshProductions پیش ماه
59:32 Dawko: *Farts and says nothing about it* Me: What? That's confusing as the ending!
Princess CrayCray
Princess CrayCray پیش ماه
I tried to scream...BUT MY HEAD WAS UNDER WATER.
RaiGuy پیش ماه
I thought he said new *skull* instead of *school* at first as if Kelsey was a spirit that had been put into a new body
Sunset Creations
Sunset Creations پیش ماه
Even if they wanted to they probably wouldn’t be able to get him out because they probably don’t know how to unactivate the spring lock,s
Heybrine پیش ماه
Looks like a mix of the bite of 87 and purple guy's death
Konnor Kennedy
Konnor Kennedy پیش ماه
Celcy is a lonly fredy
Marin Dragan
Marin Dragan پیش ماه
Me: *Sees freddy head entrance to pizzeria* Also me: DEVAN STORY REFERENCE
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed پیش ماه
Is the new kid iam not lieing okay but golden freddy wants revenge to kill William afton Golden freddy wants revenge
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed پیش ماه
Golden freddy real name is Cassidy
Morry Mar
Morry Mar پیش ماه
idfc its shadow freddy theres no way golden freddy moves and second it might be a trigger but what about the sounds and what about black hair ...
Morry Mar
Morry Mar پیش ماه
shadow golden freddy theres nothing else its him..
Simon Morton
Simon Morton پیش ماه
SPOILERS FOR STITCHWRAITH SECTION OF BOOK So the Stitchwraith is FETCHing the parts of trash
ROBOXFUTURE :3 پیش ماه
Bruh why theres only cringe comments we want more theory to understand the book so idk why theres is so much cringe comments or just bad jokes
Solidslicer پیش ماه
I heard that Kelsey might be a Lonely Freddy which is very plausible, but another theory of mine is that maybe Cassidy traded places with Kelsey. By that I mean in the sense that Cassidy's ghost took Kelsey's appearance, memories, and voice and left her own appearance imprinted on Kelsey who still possesses the suit and gets revenge on Devan.
Nat پیش ماه
Theory: the person that wasn’t celsie in the suit is Cassidy
Blue Blue
Blue Blue پیش ماه
29:45 this makes me sad because if this wasn't a fnaf story it could be a really wholesome story of them making their own animatronic.
theghosthunters445 پیش ماه
Devon has a playbook entirely full of plans
Mop's backup account
Mop's backup account پیش ماه
29:52: how I hear my heartbeat
•Dusk the Owl Gryphon•
•Dusk the Owl Gryphon• پیش ماه
Devon: *reaches into suit* It was as this moment that he knew, he f**ked up.
Lego brick 102
Lego brick 102 پیش ماه
Lego brick 102
Lego brick 102 پیش ماه
Mop's backup account
Mop's backup account پیش ماه
I think these books are in the same universe as help wanted.
Mulan Wilson
Mulan Wilson پیش ماه
Maybe Kelsi Looked Into Lonely Freddy's Eyes Kelsi's Family And Friends Are Now Lonely Freddy's
The roblox Man
The roblox Man پیش ماه
Theory: Kelsey is in an eternal loop of torment
The Mslfac
The Mslfac پیش ماه
Wait is Kelsey and boy or girl
Mathew Kavvousanaki
Mathew Kavvousanaki پیش ماه
He actually makes a robot not like Afton that kills kids and stuffing them in animatronic suit's
Rido Saputra
Rido Saputra پیش ماه
Proof that Golden Fredy and Freadbear is same.They both are Springlock.
Connor Salmon
Connor Salmon پیش ماه
kelsi could be a spirit that leads people to the suit.
*xxx*- Cookies
*xxx*- Cookies پیش 2 ماه
Last story I fell asleep and I woke up it was on the new kid video
schafezr0000 پیش 2 ماه
I don't know what happened to me. Scott, you're making more questions than answering them.
Rolfy Widdle
Rolfy Widdle پیش 2 ماه
the legend of fredtrap.
King Doge
King Doge پیش 2 ماه
1:02:16 Stichwraith story, yw
Niksuss پیش 2 ماه
G.Freddy always causes confusing and many questions
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