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Buff Vanny
Buff Vanny پیش 3 روز
Shrek will haunt you in your dreams >:)
Scout Amaterasu
Scout Amaterasu پیش 18 روز
idiots: spider god big brain intellectuals: the giant enemy spider
The doodling wonder wolf M
The doodling wonder wolf M پیش 18 روز
I think you should play some more especially if you like the game so much 😁
Prince Coda Leviathan
Prince Coda Leviathan پیش 18 روز
Taking it down was cathartic
Kainah SINCLAIR (KING) پیش 18 روز
18:48 when Dawko laughs like a demon be like ☠️
Ethan Hawkins
Ethan Hawkins پیش 20 روز
Please do more of this
DireWolfDog 13
DireWolfDog 13 پیش 22 روز
27:25 YESSSSSSSS 👍👍👍👍👍🙂
DireWolfDog 13
DireWolfDog 13 پیش 22 روز
22:07 YESSSSSS 👍👍👍👍👍
Yung gun
Yung gun پیش 25 روز
please do another video on this!!!
Julio Aldana
Julio Aldana پیش 25 روز
I love you Dawko !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and sorry for that
oversized biscuit
oversized biscuit پیش 26 روز
*ive fallen and i cant get up* get it? gods will fall?
MLG GAMER پیش 26 روز
This was interesting. I've never seen any Dungeon Crawler that rewards you for destroying grunts by lowering the boss's health. That's pretty unique to me
MLG GAMER پیش 26 روز
👏👏👏👏 Great voice acting
rays confused cringe
rays confused cringe پیش 26 روز
Yay more sponsor
Dasiy K
Dasiy K پیش 26 روز
Hey dawko, when are you going to play grounded with the boys again cause I really liked it
UmRaghad 222
UmRaghad 222 پیش 27 روز
gahh I hate spiders but it never stops me from seeing this video and give it a like and share
Syakhril Ail
Syakhril Ail پیش 27 روز
Pls more I like and subscribe
finnish پیش 28 روز
Freakerama! پیش 28 روز
As a matter of fact I am fantastic today thank you very much
nannateeths پیش 28 روز
It doesn't matter what he plays, dawko never fails to make me smile :3
Rory o
Rory o پیش 29 روز
Iw ant more fnaf cause I just got back into it
Adami Cedano
Adami Cedano پیش 29 روز
In fortnite a fnaf skin is coming
Idon’tKnowwhatmy Nameis
Idon’tKnowwhatmy Nameis پیش 29 روز
Hey dawko have you heard of the new statues for security breach one of them gave me a theory because its called vanny and vanessa and my theory is vanessa is helping vanny or is vanny
Idon’tKnowwhatmy Nameis
Idon’tKnowwhatmy Nameis پیش 29 روز
And also it kind of telling us the reason of the two laughs in the 2nd trailer
realking&queens پیش 29 روز
Hey Dawko you may not get this comment but remember u said you love Disney games Well. I found one for you Epic Mickey it's a game about choices. The Story telling is really well done it came out 2010 & I really think the game derserve credit on the details including the Story Telling 💕 Wii XBox one If ya wanna give it a try?!
Finley Lorne
Finley Lorne پیش 29 روز
Hey dawko fnaf is coming to fortnite
Computron 2005
Computron 2005 پیش 29 روز
This game looks smooth 😊
MewTical پیش 29 روز
NG Kid
NG Kid پیش 29 روز
Dawko just want to let you know in fortnite a few days later in the game fnaf will be coming to the game
Noah Heffernan
Noah Heffernan پیش 29 روز
DAWKO FNAF IS COMING TO FORTNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Timmy 5000
Timmy 5000 پیش 29 روز
Pls a song of foxy fazbear fright step closer
Damian Dawson
Damian Dawson پیش 29 روز
Fortnite x five nights at Freddy’s
dire ALOE
dire ALOE پیش 29 روز
Dawko fnaf in fortnite
rafia پیش 29 روز
ahh i wish dawko would branch out more, even when it isn't a sponsored!! i LOVE his fnaf videos but i think branching out with games will really help the channel, even if it starts out rough :)
Red Rose
Red Rose پیش 29 روز
Yo did anyone hear about a potential cross over between FNAF and Fortnite............yea..........ik...............sounds complete BS but the potential is there just by looking at the game files.
rafia پیش 29 روز
i hope its not true lmao
Fate پیش 29 روز
Dawko ur literally the only youtuber i watch every time is see your notification
CometStar Games
CometStar Games پیش 29 روز
Hey Dawko! Battington reach 100k subs on his channel! Maybe you can watch more of those Harmony and Horror tapes!
Venue I studios gaming
Venue I studios gaming پیش 29 روز
Play fredbear mega roleplay on roblox
Amy Beakhurst
Amy Beakhurst پیش 29 روز
Btw dwaco can u make a video about fortnite and fanfare crossover
The red Fox gaming
The red Fox gaming پیش 29 روز
Scott cancelled The collab
S BC پیش 29 روز
thevioletskull پیش 29 روز
That thumbnail tho
Mike Robb
Mike Robb پیش 29 روز
Dawko people are saying fnaf is coming to fortnite if it is play it
my name
my name پیش 29 روز
We all love dawko he's the best he raises charity's he plays good games he also reads books to me
Staffee R
Staffee R پیش 29 روز
DAWKO DAWKO apparently epic games might collab with fnaf and make fnaf skins
Ali ibrahim
Ali ibrahim پیش 29 روز
Fortnite is making a
Acidic Cookie
Acidic Cookie پیش 29 روز
i like when you get sponsored, you seem so happy when you do
Crumpet The Frogalophosaurus
Crumpet The Frogalophosaurus پیش 29 روز
w-why did i click on this. I have arachnophobia. WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF
Yavuz Ovali
Yavuz Ovali پیش 29 روز
Im not dawkbro 😢😢😢😢 Wow niceee video Game from hellllllll
imnoahh پیش 29 روز
they are putting fnaf in fortnite
Spiralthedragon -
Spiralthedragon - پیش 29 روز
I could honestly watch you play this for hours. It's such an interesting game and your commentary is nice
random person
random person پیش 29 روز
this video is approved by a random person
HD Joshy
HD Joshy پیش 29 روز
Dawko if you see this I just want to let you know that Fortnite and fnaf might be collaborating finally and you can maybe actually make a pizzeria properly after 2 years
Psychotic پیش 29 روز
dawko bro you should react to attack on titan you’d love that series. it’s hella popular so it could also bring a new audience to the channel
Dawko Fan
Dawko Fan پیش 29 روز
Dawko can you make a vid on the fortnite x FNAF rumour
Mike MEME پیش ماه
If there is anybody mad at dawko for not making fnaf content that much anymore, just know that he just wants to do his thing. I’ve seen some mad about that on social media. So please let him have fun.
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia پیش ماه
12437967 de fnaf es de los que se van de fnaf es de satanas de mi vida renovación carismatica no me puedes cambiar me dijo gg games no te preocupes que no te quitas de la Merced de enero será el k de mi ah bueno que no he podido con letra ja no se vayan los dos y
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia پیش ماه
Dawko quiero que vengas a mi casa asta el 10 de agosto y mi casa es calle durazno número 7 colonia santa catalina
The Switcharoo Doggo
The Switcharoo Doggo پیش ماه
Fortnite is almost 100% collaborating with FNAF
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia پیش ماه
Necesito agua para mañana temprano porfavor padre ayúdame con letra de La escuela en ingles para Acer como ustedes rezar para que no te preocupes por mí que me voy de viaje con mis amigos de fnaf es de los dos lados no me gusta
Vincent پیش ماه
FNaF will be in FORTNITE!!!
Pedro Garcia
Pedro Garcia پیش ماه
Muy bien espantado no me gusta que paso juan de fnaf ni me acuerdo que me voy para allá de la divina misericordia misión de San Luis de los huesos
Ian The Shy Guy
Ian The Shy Guy پیش ماه
[ Please Read Dawko ]Dawko are you not going to talk about the fortnite leaks and the possibility of a Five Night’s At Freddy’s x Fortnite Crossover? Like how one of the leaked skins’s codename being “MainFrame” (i think it could be GlitchTrap) and the audio of Foxy running down the hall from fnaf 1 being found in the files, i think it would be great to discuss this in a video, also there is a lake in fortnite very similar to the lake with Old Man Consequences from Fnaf World, there has been leaks of a portal opening there and rumors of it leading to FNaF and it would just be great if it actually happened, I think there has been more leaks and discussions but i would like to hear your opinion, Edit: there is another leaked skin whos codename is FrenchFry, i think its Freddy Fazbear because of the double F.
Blank V Broly
Blank V Broly پیش ماه
Ayo dawko, ready for fortnite x fnaf?
Juan Manuel Cuenca Guzman
Juan Manuel Cuenca Guzman پیش ماه
More Fnaf vídeos plis and i like This video
Marcu-Wyk پیش ماه
Hi dawko just wanted to tell you something I think you love so fornite season is al about hunters so there was som leaks that potentially we will ne getting five nights at freddys skins in fortnite and I am not joking and I love your Vida and have a great day
dream fazbear
dream fazbear پیش ماه
Fnaf is in fortnite
Nuclear Games
Nuclear Games پیش ماه
Meme review :(
Tobi Gaming & More
Tobi Gaming & More پیش ماه
FNAF is coming to Fortnite Confirmed
Tomas Ariel Barria
Tomas Ariel Barria پیش ماه
Hola dawko no se si podes leer este comentario pero si no entendes mucho ponelo al traductor y ya esta vengo de parte de GGgames y me encantan tu videos aunque no soy muy bueno en inglés pero como te dije traducilo y ya esta unos hugs for you
Jonah Fraser
Jonah Fraser پیش ماه
Arachnophobe here...
Helen Clements
Helen Clements پیش ماه
dawko their will be or is if you in future a fnaf x fortnite
buff pumpkin rabbid
buff pumpkin rabbid پیش ماه
Please react to the walten files please please *PLEASE*
BonnieBoy YT
BonnieBoy YT پیش ماه
So, are you going to talk about Fortnite X FNAF?
Chunky Freddy
Chunky Freddy پیش ماه
Hey did you know that fall guys seasone 3 mid seasone came out also love your videos dawko
ohyfraz پیش ماه
in roblox arsenal there is fnaf type stuff!
King Chris Afton
King Chris Afton پیش ماه
poopy butt
poopy butt پیش ماه
play the fnaf board game survive till 6 am
bonni da bunnie
bonni da bunnie پیش ماه
Dawko I think fnaf is coming to fortnite
bonni da bunnie
bonni da bunnie پیش ماه
I think so
Hayskywalker Games
Hayskywalker Games پیش ماه
dawko fnaf x fortnite might be happening
Artistic Stupidity
Artistic Stupidity پیش ماه
Yall know Freddy MAY be coming to Fortnite.
HardHitter PlayZ
HardHitter PlayZ پیش ماه
S p o n s o r p o g
Jax Mayo
Jax Mayo پیش ماه
play five nights at maylees roblox, it’s like fnaf 1 + fnaf sl custom night with wasd and e
bonnie boy5951
bonnie boy5951 پیش ماه
Dawko there are gonna be fnaf skins in fortnite there will be foxy and freddy
LindsayGF96 پیش ماه
Can we carry on this game Lewis maybe video or twitch stream and i don’t mind what we do.:))💙💙💙 I love this game but not spooky scary biggest spider I have ever seen!😳🕷 Everything Else is good! 👏🏻 2:36 Can you read It for me instead please and thankyou.😊 I love the sponsorship:)). art design of the game is beautiful!☺️
Avin Gibbons
Avin Gibbons پیش ماه
I know this is for the sponsor and all... But I REALLY wanna see Dawko play this again
Leonardo GomAgui
Leonardo GomAgui پیش ماه
Dawko theres probably going a fortnite collab with Fnaf
•Random person•
•Random person• پیش ماه
Jason Tilford
Jason Tilford پیش ماه
That description was well done (and hurt my throat a little XD)
Shay Wilikson
Shay Wilikson پیش ماه
Can you react to fnaf plus trailer vhs tapes Scot coffin release them and I seen fusion z gamer watch it and it looks really good
Black_Sertan YT
Black_Sertan YT پیش ماه
I just miss the fnaf fangame...
J Smith
J Smith پیش ماه
No.... This cant be happ-ening The Jumpscares The Robots Lewis K Dawkins WHERE IS IT WHERE IS FIVE NIGHTS AT F-F-FRED-D-D'Y-S
Splendorous پیش ماه
Play fnaf, Secure the bag
Retr0Robbin پیش ماه
I like how the trees look like they are made from finger bones, might make something like that fort myself
TheRealNitro Chest_SFM
TheRealNitro Chest_SFM پیش ماه
I hope he does another one of these
Zachary Horth
Zachary Horth پیش ماه
Can you Do a meme review plz
NaamioCherry پیش ماه
Day 1 of asking Dawko to make a Little Nightmares Meme Review episode (Edit) Now that I've actually started watching the video, I gotta say that those gods look pretty badass. The art style is very pleasing to look at, and the place where you fight Methir-Shirraidh is beautiful.
soevylayer پیش ماه
Giant enemy spider
Jam Jar
Jam Jar پیش ماه
Props to you for branching out to other games and taking a few leaps of faith well done dawko
Miss Palindrome
Miss Palindrome پیش ماه
This was actually super fun to watch. Thank you, Dawko! Take all the sponsorships you'd like. I'll support it 100% Especially if it's this interesting. ^^
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