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Christie Blanton
Christie Blanton پیش 3 روز
The Granny is the previous Lady. Her power is what allows her to preserve herself and stay beautiful for a while, but her power is also what causes her to become the monstrous Granny. After that happens, she is forced to live out the rest of her days in the Depths and her power is transferred to another beautiful woman and they become the next Lady.
Buff Vanny
Buff Vanny پیش 3 روز
Shrek will haunt you in your dreams >:)
RosieCola Fnaf
RosieCola Fnaf پیش 4 روز
why do some of the statues not have heads? one word: L A N K Y D O O D L E cuz of his toys ;)
Marjav Hernan
Marjav Hernan پیش 5 روز
During the portrait puzzle you can see a portrait of the teacher from Little Nightmares 2
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker پیش 5 روز
5:50 mabels bark sounds so animated
dell 7010
dell 7010 پیش 10 روز
11:45 here there is a picture and it shows a man and where do we see the man also? In little nightmares 2 in the school. There is the same picture of him so that says that he's probably related also with the teacher and maybe the kimono lady
lukas bud
lukas bud پیش 13 روز
When he turned into a gnome, I thought: Wow imagine that he will get eaten by six. That would be crazy.
ଘ「p๑tat๑kid」ଓ پیش 8 روز
SPOILERS- I think? uh I once read a comment about this idk if it's true but it said that the gnome six eated was the runaway kid gnome- idk jjsjddjfnndjdk so I think ur right he was eated by six *I think*
Shythalia پیش 13 روز
This lady needs to clean up her mess. All those books treated like garbage. lol
ThomasPlayz پیش 14 روز
The ending: Little Gnomemares
Philip G
Philip G پیش 15 روز
Yep six eats our character who we plays as in secrets of the maw
Null Nut
Null Nut پیش 17 روز
I don't quite know fully but my theory is that she feels ugly so she invited the most grotesque people on board so she feels better about herself, and if you notice most everyone doesn't show their face but instead wears a mask like the chefs and the long arm guy.
Runaway kid
Runaway kid پیش 19 روز
Thank you for going on an adventure with me!
Puglifeboy پیش 11 روز
haha you’re dead
ImBored پیش 20 روز
This is the same place in the school Therie: sry about the righting But maybe long time ago this was abandoned then turned into a school
Left handed comedian man
Left handed comedian man پیش 21 روز
I wish I could comment on ads
6 Bell
6 Bell پیش 21 روز
When the realization hits... Dawko: Noooooooooo!!!
Adrian Galbreath
Adrian Galbreath پیش 21 روز
nobody tell cory this
haha dead
haha dead پیش 21 روز
R.I.P dawkNome Gnome idk how 2 spell
Lambyboi YT
Lambyboi YT پیش 21 روز
little nightmares 2 has made 1 really noticed.
Kathryn Daniels
Kathryn Daniels پیش 22 روز
this is just something funny I thought of. when dawko saw the rats I just thought to myself... R A T F O O T R A T F O O T (its an inside joke with me and my friend)
Papy le Kebe
Papy le Kebe پیش 22 روز
If you recherche in the game you will a word saying that the real lady face is note what we see in the mirror
Gillian Day
Gillian Day پیش 25 روز
aren't we all just Nomes?
Katie Whittier
Katie Whittier پیش 26 روز
I think...Six is going to shift into a villain as the series goes on. Since our protag for the sequel is going to be a boy with a bag on his head.
DireWolfDog 13
DireWolfDog 13 پیش 26 روز
34:30 wow so crasy 😮😱
DireWolfDog 13
DireWolfDog 13 پیش 26 روز
31:05 dang 😬😮
The FluffyGamer
The FluffyGamer پیش 26 روز
i herd dawko at the credits and i'm like thinking while i'm playing my game while watching him play this "Wait don't remember THAT sound playing..." then i look and realized dawko was humming xD
DireWolfDog 13
DireWolfDog 13 پیش 26 روز
3:59 dang 😬
Colinsmod پیش 26 روز
I'd love it if Dawko played Very Little Nightmares for us!
Ron93 پیش 27 روز
28:10 musishan
Diego Ramos
Diego Ramos پیش 28 روز
you Going the Chapter 3 you Ending
don rob777
don rob777 پیش 28 روز
Why did it just now occur to me that dawko always says says “back again”, homaging aftons “I always come back”
Adrubb Adventures
Adrubb Adventures پیش 28 روز
I think you mean "Nome way."
Neo-X پیش 28 روز
that eye reminds me of the typer robot in wall-e
HEXIA-MSE پیش 28 روز
Can't wait when dawko plays Hollow knight:D
ash benr
ash benr پیش 29 روز
wait? shrek their shrek 5
LunaWitcher پیش 29 روز
Very Little Nightmares playthrough please!!!
I was literally thinking as soon as you entered the place with the fat guys and the food I was like oh crap we’re getting eaten 2 mins later we’re the gnome that got eaten why did I have to be right
Peter Vasey
Peter Vasey پیش 29 روز
Dawko that man at the end on the tv is the signial man in little night mares 2 the ghost of the man that was hanged
Tails195 پیش 29 روز
The way he got scared by the clock is hilarious! "I think we gotta- GADONG!, omg...😟🕰️
Just your average person
Just your average person پیش 29 روز
38:21 Prepare for unforeseen consequences.
Channel Foreign
Channel Foreign پیش ماه
It nevered scared me I just felt bad. Like I wanted to smack that little girl. I wanted to fold her. She was stupid for that lmao
Molten Bomber
Molten Bomber پیش ماه
Hey Do you Secret Ending The Thin Man Is appearing At The End
Jenna Facciola
Jenna Facciola پیش ماه
Me: *Not paying attention* Dawko: I RECOGNIZE THAT SAUSAGE- Me, giving my full attention: you WHAT
andrew coombe
andrew coombe پیش ماه
The ending is so SAD
Paul kelly
Paul kelly پیش ماه
That Actually Scared Me!
Hello Nobody
Hello Nobody پیش ماه
I hope he plays Very Little Nightmares.
captain marshmallow
captain marshmallow پیش ماه
Theory time! I think that the lady turns us into a gnome puts are soul in a gnome body then uses our body as a shadow creature kid.
Scott Graham
Scott Graham پیش ماه
Someone should make a barbecue pit shaped like the maw
DrPancakes پیش ماه
Who knew there was so much symbolism about a sausage
ImprisonedHuman پیش ماه
Hey Dawko Just Gonna Ask But Are You Going To Watch The Trailers For LN II? Or You Gonna Play It Completely Blind?
Argenteoque Carpento
Argenteoque Carpento پیش ماه
My head canon is that Hatman is Morshu
Kuwala the Nerdy Tomboy
Kuwala the Nerdy Tomboy پیش ماه
*Dawko making Runaway Kid play and jump on the piano keys and then on top of the piano to grab the vase with the rose in it* Dawko: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! YOU'VE BEEN WONDERFUL!! *Throws vase on the ground and smashes into bits* Me: *uncontrollably laughing*
Funtime *error*
Funtime *error* پیش ماه
The guests come to the maw all the time, when they have eaten, they sleep. Then they get chopped op into meat for the new guests, and that goes on again, and again. The lady thinks she looks horrific, and so She has no whole mirrors.
Jake Crow
Jake Crow پیش ماه
The kid your playing as is the runaway boy
Fenriw پیش ماه
I love how you'll say "That was terrifying!" And you'll have a blank stare as you say it. You look like your not even scared. I'm not criticising you though.
Fenriw پیش ماه
The title almost sounds like the title for a Clickbait channel Like "I found the lady at 3AM and you won't believe what happened!!!". Still a good vid and title.
Dattroll 201
Dattroll 201 پیش ماه
i told him he had a big storm coming
8- BitBunnie
8- BitBunnie پیش ماه
in little nightmares two there is lankier doodle
Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows پیش ماه
Do the mobile game
MLG GAMER پیش ماه
But here's the big question? Those two theories you said make total sense it could be either or but why when she attacks Sixx does she have a mask?
Zainreborn پیش ماه
I would definitely watch any Little Nightmares related content, so please, Very Little Nightmares play through?
Francesco Calce
Francesco Calce پیش ماه
Here theres's one of my favourite games! A little masterpiece@!
Shushønader ‘-‘
Shushønader ‘-‘ پیش ماه
MkKiller_ Gaming
MkKiller_ Gaming پیش ماه
Wait but if Mono gets eaten by Six then how come they team up in Little Nightmares 2 demos
random person
random person پیش ماه
this video is approved by a random person
Freddy_Fozhead پیش ماه
Plot twist: 7 doesn't actually get eating by 6 cuz we didn't actually see him get eating we only speculate he did because of the ending you know how movies be making us believe somebody died and then they make a comeback
Angel Jimenez
Angel Jimenez پیش ماه
Hey dawko sense you know so much about FNAF tell me if FNAF coming to fortnite.
Kakashi XS
Kakashi XS پیش ماه
Week 6 is out on friday night funkin pls play it dawko thank you
The Mememaster
The Mememaster پیش ماه
I think
The Mememaster
The Mememaster پیش ماه
She wears a mask
The Mememaster
The Mememaster پیش ماه
Nope that's what she looks like
Tyler White
Tyler White پیش ماه
Dawko theres a old Five nights at Freddy's called Five nights at Freddy's Raditus
Little -A-
Little -A- پیش ماه
I think the weird lady in the portrait is a boss in the second game due to the trailer footage
Fruit Punch
Fruit Punch پیش ماه
Petition for Dawko to make a Little Nightmares song. Like to sign!
idk پیش ماه
OMG was that the man in the TV
manish pechettipp
manish pechettipp پیش ماه
Dawko can you put blackbird strory no.2 the real jake
manish pechettipp
manish pechettipp پیش ماه
Hey dawko can you put fazbear firghts book no.6
DesiredToBeANERD پیش ماه
BriefVr پیش ماه
YO DAWKO week 6 of friday night funking is out!
DesiredToBeANERD پیش ماه
yes it is and we must get this to dawko
Quinten Van Eerden
Quinten Van Eerden پیش ماه
Very Little Nightmares (the mobile game) is not a very long game but it is lore packed so it is really worth trying! Would love to see you play it but I would get it if you wouldn't make a video out of it because it's a mobile game
Mayson Bobbitt
Mayson Bobbitt پیش ماه
Teacher, and the doctor was in little nightmares 1 DLC they are hinting or we’re hinting in little nightmares 1 DLC that those characters will be in 2 i swear this gives me the chills the teacher is not from the family? We don’t know and the doctor. So I know a lot of stuff and ideas we will learn more in little nightmares 2 though!
Mayson Bobbitt
Mayson Bobbitt پیش ماه
You know how hyped I am for little-nightmares 2! I was a fan so I can’t wait!
Aislinn Molina
Aislinn Molina پیش ماه
11:40 The pictures/ Portraits that you didn't light up are ones in Little Nightmares 2 (The teacher, The docter, and I think the last one represents the children at the school but correct me if I'm wrong)
ImBored پیش 20 روز
Yes! Open sesame!
captain marshmallow
captain marshmallow پیش ماه
You are right!
Xander Vangelist
Xander Vangelist پیش ماه
hello dawko also keep it up
Idiot Waffling
Idiot Waffling پیش ماه
it is such a sad ending, the whole dlc was leading up to this moment
Smiles Guy
Smiles Guy پیش ماه
In the portrait room, the far left that wasn't lit was the doctor, the one Dawko recognized was the teacher, and the unlit one on the far right seemed to be one of the doll children.
Lil the dog 2.0
Lil the dog 2.0 پیش ماه
Sup dawko
Some Child
Some Child پیش ماه
The little nightmares mobile app is a prequel to the main game (the first game), were you don’t play as six but she looks like her, and it tells the story on how six gets her raincoat, there is a girl that fallows her and that is six. It’s called Very Little Nightmares.
violet the hedgehog
violet the hedgehog پیش ماه
The mobile game is called very little nightmares it has a lot of lore in it 😊
Spade Shaker
Spade Shaker پیش ماه
Can someone pls tell me what is the plot and the lore of this game im so confused bruh
Sendvič666 پیش ماه
the TV end is secet
Ruin_Rblx پیش ماه
is there a video about mabel (dawkos dog)?
Zoe Stewart
Zoe Stewart پیش ماه
I am speechless. I was not expecting that ending at all... The second you started yelling 'No, no, no!' I realised what was going to happen! Even though it's such a anticlimactic ending I feel, I do love the creativity that goes on in the storytelling of this game! 💜
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith پیش ماه
The three unlit painting are little nightmares 2. The doctor , teacher and a bully. Also the mask lady is ugly and a monster. But hides it with magic. This is why mirrors hurt- truth hurts And it's a reflection of the soul. I wish IRpost would stop deleting comments and duplicating.
muted boy
muted boy پیش ماه
Dawko did you know there will be a Freddy skin in fortnite
Funtime *error*
Funtime *error* پیش ماه
Kaneki پیش ماه
hope u make a fnaf meme reveiw sooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooonn
Vlad Ilie
Vlad Ilie پیش ماه
Maybe play undertale
Alexander Campbell
Alexander Campbell پیش ماه
Can you please do a video on very little nightmares
Logan Milne
Logan Milne پیش ماه
pls can you play 5 nights of flirting
Denis Deme
Denis Deme پیش ماه
2 demo little nightmares 2
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