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ME PERDONAS پیش 19 ساعت
And Patrick's like, "yo i got a soul voice" and Joe's like, "wait how do you have a soul voice?" And he's like "yo watch this, 9:40"
Jerell Mccall
Jerell Mccall پیش 9 روز
So we gonna ignore the fact that dawko sings fantastic? The vocals!!!!
Amelia P Gym
Amelia P Gym پیش 9 روز
Im soo scary but you are💪🏼
Ирина Попова
Ирина Попова پیش 17 روز
Ирина Попова
Ирина Попова پیش 17 روز
)}) %‰
MaxDaDwarf پیش 18 روز
Everyone calls jimmy a murderer before maya arrived, but If you pay attention, Amy took whiskey and fell down a stairwell, dr Bose hung himself,rose burned herself,the only person who did get killed ‘by jimmy’ was Harvey, but despite the fact that the cutscene starts as soon as the weapon hit him jimmy is no where to be seen, I think he went so insane by his unbelievability he stabbed himself
Prince Coda Leviathan
Prince Coda Leviathan پیش 19 روز
This last part seems hard.
Furanz پیش 19 روز
9:28 ... Best Singin, YER should make a remix out of dis LOL
Jose Molina
Jose Molina پیش 20 روز
How does one identify the difference between DID and Multiple Personality Disorder? They almost seem the same.
chips chips
chips chips پیش 24 روز
dude ur a whole pro at this game :)
marshmellow boi1425
marshmellow boi1425 پیش 27 روز
good singer
TheDianaPlayz پیش 29 روز
If y'all didn't understand , Hugo Punch And Jimmy Are 2 different characters, Hugo Is in charge of Jimmy's BODY and Jimmy is trying to make him stop, if your didn't know, Hugo tries to get you because you didn't watch His act which is at midnight.
Coffee Wizard
Coffee Wizard پیش 29 روز
Wait jimmy died?
ImBadWithNames پیش ماه
This and FNaF Help Wanted would make a great crossover.
Jonne Urvet
Jonne Urvet پیش ماه
Bruh her friends just died anyways
Bruh Gamer
Bruh Gamer پیش ماه
Kyla Scarborough
Kyla Scarborough پیش ماه
Hugo bought the hotel originally to promote his entertainment. Rose became his assistant and they got married, he became abusive, she didn’t know what he wanted, she got pregnant and he abused jimmy. She killed him, buried him. She gets the hotel, Harvey runs the hotel. She raises jimmy, he has evil after ego named Hugo after his abusive dad. As a child jimmy burns Amy and gets her drunk and she jumps off the top stair banister. Around the time just before Amy’s death Dr.Bose arrives and starts his treatment. He frames Dr.Bose and he kills himself. Then Harvey finds the scrapbook and Jimmy “pranks” him (as a teen?ish?) and eventually kills him “in self defense” he goes to jail, eventually he gets bailed and we see Rose welcoming him home. He creates his Hugo Punch character comedy act. He breaks and Hugo takes control of him, Rose tells him that Hugo’s his father,and his death. Rose kills herself over guilt. In comes Maya’s portion of the game that I personally think is easy to follow. That is the most of the storyline if anyone got confused
Cody Della Valle
Cody Della Valle پیش ماه
What a phenomenal game. Please do more series like this!!
Monika Kolba
Monika Kolba پیش ماه
Bruh Jimmys body is Hugo in Hugo's body's is Jimmy so Jimmy is a goodboy and Hugo is a bad boy OK?
Samuel Tuohy
Samuel Tuohy پیش ماه
Isn't it weird that Dawko didn't notice that the guy smacking you all this time was Hugo and not Jimmy Also 14:00 Dawko: SCREW YOU JIMMY!!!!! 15:18 Also Dawko: oh no, we didnt get to save Jimmy!
demontrent10653 پیش ماه
😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
FPS ICE پیش ماه
It’s very sad to see this series come to an end I hope there is a sequel
Angelo B
Angelo B پیش ماه
who's going to tell him about the developer pause menu note asking people "not to post footage of the ending"?
Joel Rosales
Joel Rosales پیش ماه
Jekyll and Hyde, Jimmy and Hugo? Coincidence?
J DIX پیش ماه
@9:29 he started singing just randomly. only question i could come up with was why lol. just why
Jacob_Cryonic پیش ماه
If they do a sequel then it will have to do something with the candle we see at the end.
Golden Ez
Golden Ez پیش ماه
Bryce Duggan
Bryce Duggan پیش ماه
lol who the fucks claps at the end of a game
Angel C
Angel C پیش ماه
thank you for uploading the cinematic ending, most streamers didn’t because of what the developers asked of game players but i really don’t want to buy the game to watch the ending!🙏🏾
Jordan Georgiou
Jordan Georgiou پیش ماه
Very good singing Dawko 9:31
Fishy Fish
Fishy Fish پیش ماه
and new hes a candle
Full Time Simp.
Full Time Simp. پیش ماه
dawko doesnt get half the love he deserves and gives its sad because hes no lie the best ugh
silverpetalss -3-
silverpetalss -3- پیش ماه
theory: when maya's friends try to escape they get caught by jimmy, and when maya escapes she sees her friends havent escaped thats why she did that face, jimmy knows maya can help her, so thats why he wants her, if there is a part two, maya goes back but with some more friends, shes looking for her friends that got kidnapped, and jimmy looks for maya trying to tell her to light up hugo's grave so hugo can leave jimmy alone, and this time, maya's friends are the bad guys and telling her that jimmy is still bad and there is going to be more endings.
Gavric Perpetua
Gavric Perpetua پیش ماه
nicola Fleischer
nicola Fleischer پیش ماه
dawko is wareing a unicorn blanket thing meh sis screems to the top of her lungs.....THERE HAS TO BE A WAY TO SAVE JIMMY !!!!!
Cajun Mariposa
Cajun Mariposa پیش ماه
I’ll be honest, I watched Don’s play-through first and he didn’t show “real” Jimmy crying, just the “I’m in charge” part. I’m glad Dawko put it in his video.
SNMG 1214
SNMG 1214 پیش ماه
This part when he sings 9:28
BlueFreddy 254
BlueFreddy 254 پیش ماه
Dawko: plays a game 10 days ago Dawko: beats a game in 10 days Me: I still can’t beat super Mario 64
MaddoxKraft پیش ماه
This game is to realistic
Adsen پیش ماه
You know if dawko puts up "attempt one" text he's gonna fail multiple times
Gergely Vincze
Gergely Vincze پیش ماه
I actually think this was a good ending. It reminds me of horror movie endings and I'm satisfied with it.
Imago پیش ماه
I'm gonna be *THAT* douche. I just discovered this guy cause I wanted to see the ending to this game. The guy I originally watched decided not to show this cause the developers said they didn't want IRpostrs spoiling it. And this guy has the MOST obnoxious voice and accent I've EVER heard LOL and to top it off he's literally constantly yelling and repeating himself. This cat having 1.4m subs and viewers is astounding. I'm sure he's a cool dude and all. But this may be the single most taxing video I've ever watched. I'm an absolute masochist for having stuck it out lol.
shaderfaderf پیش ماه
@MOHAMMED YASEEN never heard of it lol
@shaderfaderf SHB: let me introduce myself
shaderfaderf پیش ماه
i hate to be that person... but he has a ton of views bc of fnaf. thats how i found him. i dont like the screaming and over reacting either but damn is he good at theorizing and on time to trailers, games, etc.
Nugget24 پیش ماه
Why isn't anyone talking about Dawko's incredible singing?
Isaias Salazar Navarro
Isaias Salazar Navarro پیش ماه
Dude this is by far the most realistic game I have ever seen the way the characters look to how they move its really hard to believe that they're not real people and that they're an AI 👍👍👍
Nathan A
Nathan A پیش ماه
I have won, but at what cost
Wlep dist is the end isen it huh
Man i like dist video so horror and funny dow
Gabby Avelino
Gabby Avelino پیش ماه
Holy crap 9:35 was so majestic
Mr Henry 87
Mr Henry 87 پیش ماه
Man this game is so Amazing. I really loved it. Its awesome, unique in it's own way, and the GRAPHICS. It's are so realistic!!. And it brings me good old memories for some reason. This game is really good!. And yeah I agree with you. I hope there will be a sequel. Also, Awesome video dawko! You're one of my favorite youtubers! :)
Siracha Dount
Siracha Dount پیش ماه
I’m confused does Jimmy have a split personality or is he possessed by Hugo Hall?
J Rice
J Rice پیش ماه
Wait if Maya had the key to the exit. How did her friends leave the building?
brxxqz پیش ماه
Hi im jimmy the bald spotted sociopathic clown
Kenathetic پیش ماه
When he starts singing...Literally about 10 seconds later, I hear screaming and shouting angrily. Beautiful.
Chickenwings 0181
Chickenwings 0181 پیش ماه
Ive watched you YEAARRRS AGO and you still scary stuff and fnaf. keep it up dawko. Btw can we talk about that onesie
Lucas Salazar
Lucas Salazar پیش ماه
Can you save jimy
The Emperor Neo
The Emperor Neo پیش ماه
So Jimmy Has Identity Disorder That Is Why He Killed His Freinds
{•*cuddlyteddy*•} پیش ماه
Make a song about this game please
kdx007 پیش ماه
Oh my god Dawko this game it was awsome.I liked at every video good job!!! If they make a part 2 you ll play it right?
HorrorFan 8785
HorrorFan 8785 پیش ماه
Part 2: Jimmy Bogaloo
Austin Hamel
Austin Hamel پیش ماه
Good job Dawko
Wolfgang Gaming
Wolfgang Gaming پیش ماه
There really needs to be an ending update where theres multiple options: 1: Save jimmy 2: Save yourself and just run away 3: A secret ending or maybe just a lil easter egg of some sort. Anyway I love the videos Dawko keep it up and keep making people smile!
actually i dont think there is a way now that maya escaped jimmy's gonna get a death sentence
CrazyWolfTimes Xwister2Gaming
CrazyWolfTimes Xwister2Gaming پیش ماه
Is there gonna be at dead of night 2 nobody only the maker
Dew 4231
Dew 4231 پیش ماه
The Doctor looks a bit off this year...
Milez Bron
Milez Bron پیش ماه
What if as a sequel we got to play as Jimmy in the hotel and we had to escape from Hugo or like a boss fight
Jack Shedden
Jack Shedden پیش ماه
.Jack com got the toy shop
celyn sanders
celyn sanders پیش ماه
jimmy lookin like white megamind
The Gaming Archives
The Gaming Archives پیش ماه
Every youtuber: oh cool I escaped Dawko: IM OUT IM OUT IM OUT SCREW YOU JIMMY
Lagst _
Lagst _ پیش ماه
i am late,like very late
Thorin's wife
Thorin's wife پیش ماه
I really feel bad for Jimmy Poor guy didn't want to hurt anyone
Людмила Четвертуха
Людмила Четвертуха پیش ماه
lol in this game first play windy31
FIИИ پیش ماه
I feel so bad for jimmy i wish there was an option to save him too somehow
alyssa rose
alyssa rose پیش ماه
can we just take the time to appreciate how REAL they look
alyssa rose
alyssa rose پیش ماه
@FIИИ oh 😀
FIИИ پیش ماه
They are real they are real people
HayHayASMR پیش ماه
I saw a bit of confusion on why he wants Maya and I’m pretty sure it was to marry her/keep her has his partner. He basically seemed to imply that in his monologue to her. (I.E. ‘you’re like me’ and ‘we belong together’) (I think her friends are okay because while mentally unhinged, Jimmy only DIRECTLY killed one person when cornered and didn’t hurt her friends in the first place. I think he gets more off of frightening and controlling others. Plus he wanted only Maya to stay with him.)
Zeke 64
Zeke 64 پیش ماه
Dawko should make a song off this game. It would be pretty cool if he did.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover پیش ماه
The game's storytelling and atmosphere was amazing, but the ending doesn't make sense and it feels rushed. The fact where yoh learn the fates of all the ghosts were fine, but learning the stories had no purpose in the ending (other than rose). What was the point of learning their stories?
CayJayGacha پیش ماه
I am truly sorry to see the series end.
ʚ ThatOnePerson ɞ
ʚ ThatOnePerson ɞ پیش ماه
Can we just appreciate those amazing vocals He's such a talented singer
The Wolf Twins
The Wolf Twins پیش ماه
Can we appreciate Dawko rocking that Unicorn, fluffy jacket? Like, bro, that's gorgeous
Ashmash026 Gaming
Ashmash026 Gaming پیش ماه
Poor Jimmy... He wasn't the one actually committing those crimes... Poor guy
Lisa rothery
Lisa rothery پیش ماه
So basically sorry to spoil 😥 but there are two Jimmy's one that is the one in the mirror from the start if the game that hunts us and the crying Jimmy is the real Jimmy
its wrong that guy chasing us the whole game is hugo and jimmy is the one we in the starting and in the ending
josh 47 40
josh 47 40 پیش ماه
Poor old Jimmy full of rage and a double sided twist I hope there will be a way of rescuing him or stopping Hugo punch maybe in a sequal
Lona Wolf
Lona Wolf پیش ماه
cant we just say how much dawko is good at singing? 9:29
Lona Wolf
Lona Wolf پیش ماه
Dawko: "floor 3 floor 3 floor 3 phla bla pla" Me: ... time stamp -> 10:03
DJCookieMo پیش ماه
There might be a possibility their making a part 2 but save jimmy that would be so exciting!
Beast Sp3aker
Beast Sp3aker پیش ماه
I’m not even playing and I’m really stressed
Lucky Patel
Lucky Patel پیش ماه
Dawko did it but 8 bitryan is still stuck in the game
Lucky Patel
Lucky Patel پیش ماه
I really lock the part when he sings the song
The Random!
The Random! پیش ماه
Let’s just appreciate Dawko singing!
The Random!
The Random! پیش ماه
Dawko the best singer!
Shadow Ninja
Shadow Ninja پیش ماه
Hi dawko
Shadow Ninja
Shadow Ninja پیش ماه
She is a boss
david herrera
david herrera پیش ماه
DireWolfDog 13
DireWolfDog 13 پیش ماه
Aiden Sandoval
Aiden Sandoval پیش ماه
0:22 afton ?
Ryan Ivory
Ryan Ivory پیش ماه
This game is so scary in my opinion
Ryan Ivory
Ryan Ivory پیش ماه
Whoever liked this comment thanks
MrFormalTrollYT پیش ماه
So that saying, Jimmy has 2 personalities. One is being good, and one is bad...
Hikmat Zebari
Hikmat Zebari پیش ماه
Shadow Bonnie
Shadow Bonnie پیش ماه
He bill nye with a bald cap on
Mr. glitch
Mr. glitch پیش ماه
Wow 🤩 you did it I’m very proud of you 😃😃😃😃😃
safia basir
safia basir پیش ماه
Can we appreciate how he Participated In the Among Us Rap Battle You were Lime U died
Rangatang پیش ماه
@Dawko can you please react to the new FNAF Plus trailers? They’re super cool!
wtf mean super cool? its more like they're super ''uncomfortable'' lol
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[BE-Log] V l #뷔로그 #FlyToMyRoom
بازدید 7M
فاجأتها بحصان في عيد زواجنا💖🦄
anasala family I أنس و أصالة
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